26 November 2010

Black Friday Sale & BAD OFFER ALERT!

Good Afternoon Swaggernauts!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope it was at the least Peaceful for you! Any funny family stories? Comment, Please! I'd love to hear them.

I cooked my first Real Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. It went Very Well! Since it was my first, and supplies were low, I didn't try to tackle anything like sweet potato casserole. I stuck with the basics; Turkey, Stuffed & Golden Brown,  Homemade Turkey Gravy,  Garlic Mashed Potatoes, White & Yellow Corn, Asparagus Tips, Sweet Mexican Style Corn Bread, (had to do a nod to my hood you know,) and Pumkpin Pie! It was a Glorious Feast that overran the meager size of our table. The garlic potatoes and homemade gravy were the highlight for me. I mean aside from the turkey skin- Perfect! Today- Turkey Sandwiches for lunch and a Turkey Stuffing Casserole for dinner! That should polish it off- my husband ate two heaping ridiculously full plates yesterday- a big compliment to the chef! So there's a lot less left than I thought there would be.

I know you are all wanting to hear about Black Friday! But first let me share a Special Offer Alert.

There is an offer on TapJoy for 29 swagbucks, "Download the Yahoo Toolbar and get 29 Swag Bucks!". This offer is a perfect example of why you MUST always read the fine print, if they bother providing any. Check it out ...

The requirements state that if you already have the Yahoo Toolbar installed, you will be offered the Simppull Toolbar to download instead, in order to be able to complete the offer. Hmm nice to be offered an alternative, right? Well I dunno.. Let's do a swag search on the Simppull Toolbar first, Just In Case!

Woah there Nelly! I see a lot of results inferring that the Simppull Toolbar is Malware. FORGET THAT! Nope, Nuh Uh, No Way. (Sorry had a Huckleberry Pie / Strawberry Shortcake flashback for a second there.)

VERDICT :   Don't Do It!

Always, Always pay attention to the offer requirements, and Always research downloads you aren't familiar with. Ok, Really, if you want to be safe, just avoid downloads all together!! If you are just too tempted though, always do your research, and always have good virus software running first. 

 Ok On to happier topics- Swag bucks Black Friday Sale

Several gift cards went on sale today. None of the Amazon cards, sadly, and the blog doesn't mention the sale extending beyond Today. I was hoping it would be like last years sale, with different cards discounted every day, but the blog really didn't sound like that was the case. 

 As you can see here, the PayPal and Starbucks cards are two of the sale items. 

Even though this will eat into my swagtotal for the five $5 Amazon cards next month, I think I will order this $10 Starbucks card, because my husband was Stoked when he found out I could get him one through swagbucks. (Hey, whatever it takes to get him off my case about swagsurfing! LOL)  It's a 101 swagbuck savings. Not tremendous, but any savings is great! However, I can't get this today because you can only snag two prizes a day, and I got two of the $5 PayPal deposits that were on sale!

I bought two of these first thing this morning, as soon as I found out the sale was on and Amazon was excluded. Darn I was really hoping to buy a $25 AGC on sale but I will get over it :-p  Each PayPal deposit is on sale for 550, a savings of 150 swagbucks each. That's better savings than the Starbucks card!

The only other card on Black Friday Sale is the iTunes $15 card, normally 1850 swagbucks, today it is selling for 1650, a 200 sb savings.

There are two other gift cards on sale, but they have been on sale for a little while.

Phone Halo - Normally 135, Now 105
Gourmet Gift Baskets.com - Normally 249, Now 179

Another Swag Bucks Black Friday feature is Shop & Earn bonus payouts. For each $1 you spend today, you will get 2 swagbucks.

Well, it's some small savings and bonuses, I'm happy the PayPal card went on sale! I'm slightly let down that they only featured three cards, and it sounds like that's going to be it. However, I will check in tomorrow and hope they came to their senses and put Amazon cards on sale for all of us Swagnuts who have been hording swagbucks all month "Just In Case".

Last thing I wanna show you today are some new SBTV features. Earlier in the week The Swag Guy announced that Swagbucks TV now has a Search feature.

This should Really Help us with the SBTV Swag Code Hunts. Now instead of watching tons of irrelevant videos, we can do a keyword search and seriously cut down our time and frustration levels. 

Also, the look of the Swag Bucks TV home page has changed. Now instead of seeing the Daily Top 10 videos in list form, we have a rotating slideshow.

I would like this feature if the videos would stop getting hung. That may not even be related to this new look but it started happening the same day it was rolled out. At least it Looks nice!

Ok, that's it my friends! Time to make some turkey sammiches for lunch, the dinosaur *cough* er boy is up! See you back here tomorrow! Until Then...


If anyone reading this is not yet a member of Swagbucks, but wants to get on the swagtrain and start earning the free loot, there's no time like the present! Just go to the swidget , up top on the right there, press the Sign Up button on the bottom right. Fill out a short form, confirm your email, and get 30 swagbucks to get you rolling! Then come back here and click the Beginner Tips tab at the top of the blog. That should give you some quick pointers on how to get started!

25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Uber Linkage Here


Oh my GOSH am I busy today. The past few Thanksgivings we have simply eaten at my sister in law's house. This year we have all the kids with us since their mom has to work, so I am cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, and then we are going to my sister in laws house later for Her dinner. UGH too much turkey. But there should be some special sides there that I'm sure will tempt me into eating again *laugh*

Today I'm just going to post some links to my other blogs, for newer swaggernauts who may be surfing today. Tomorrow I will come back and spotlight the new features on Swagbucks TV, and throw in some other stuff, who knows what yet :)

So on with the links list and, Until Friday - HAPPY SWAGSURFING!

Beginner Tips!

Daily Four Breakdown (120 swagbucks a month!) and Swagbucks Facebook Guide

SBTV and Special Offers Quick Tips

Survey Quick Tips

Snagging Your Swag Loot

Refunds, Referrals, and Other Issues

Get Alerts for Swag Codes (Feedburner, Twitter, Etc)

Swago, Swagstakes, and Partner Codes

Referrals and Questions Answered

More Questions Answered (plus How to enter the Amazon Universal Wishlist Giveaway)

A Couple More Questions Answered (yes, I love answering questions!)

24 November 2010

Games Beta Live, 2 for 1 Holiday Swagstakes!

Good Morning Swag Friends!

It's a gorgeous day before Thanksgiving here in Florida. Not a cloud in the sky, t-shirt temperatures, and our neighbors are gathering for their annual 2 day Thanksgiving and Christmas Display Building Fiesta! This isn't the best neighborhood, *cough* (understatement) *cough* not many people go all out decorating for the holidays for fear of vandalism, but our neighbors to the right say "NO FEAR!" every holiday, and their display grows bigger, brighter, and more festive every year. Being a 20+ year resident of this hood gives them a small bubble of respect- no one messes with their display for the most part. I love it! It's a little sparkle of normalcy in a spot where we bus the kids OUT for trick or treating :P

Today's post is short & sweet. Just a couple of things from the Swagbucks Blog I wanna share with you. Tomorrow there probably will not be a post.  We have the kids and a dinner to cook, and in the evening another dinner to attend, so I will take a Holiday :)

Oh but first, small brag time. Did you see my swagtotal over there on the swidget? I had a 1200 swagbucks day yesterday! 10 special offers (three were old TapJoy inquiries, Swagbucks made them pay! THANKS SWAGBUCKS!), 9 video special offers, 4 search wins, 2 sbtv wins, and the daily four. No referral points yesterday. (maybe they will show up today!) Tack that onto the offers that finally credited the day before and I went well over my goal! I wanted to have the swagbucks for my five $5s on December 1st, one $25 this month (still hoping for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, you see), and have enough left over for 2 more PayPal deposits. That would be a total of 6800 swagbucks (unless there is a sale). I'm Golden! Now I can start saving for January's $5 Amazon purchases!

However I Must point out- I've pretty much tapped the well on large, free special offers. You can only do most free trials once *laugh* You can't have 1200 swagbucks days every day. I will have to work extra hard in December to meet my goal for January, but I have no fear! I can do it!

Ok! On to the Swagbucks Blog. I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm going to talk about first.

You guessed it! The GAMES BETA is Live! And you know what?

I WASN'T INVITED!!!!! :( :( :( :(   *laugh!*

That's ok. I had a rough patch last night with all the braggers and screenshots on the Swagbucks Facebook page, but I'm better now. It's not about losing out on extra swagbucks, it's not about wanting to be first.. it's about my Beta Tester mentality. I love to try things out, find out what works and what doesn't, and give feedback to help improve it. I wanted a chance to be able to be Really useful to Swag Bucks. This site has given me So Much and I wanted to give back! I realize now that I do give back, every day, with this blog and with the help I give on the Facebook wall. It's not helping Swag Bucks directly, but it's helping newer swaggernauts get rolling, which benefits us all! We get more swag, They get more money and add more ways to get swag, we figure out the new ways and help others earn more swag, it's a lovely snowball effect!

Not being in the beta hasn't stopped me from paying attention to what the testers are saying, though! Last night there was a small flurry of screenshots.. let me go dig some up for you right quick since the cat is already out of the bag....

Only beta testers are supposed to have the link but if you somehow did run across it, this is what you would see if you weren't invited to the beta.

This is the games screen. Starfish, Crazy Taxi, worDrop, Capital Tower Defense.. sounds Interesting!

Apparently you get swagbucks randomly for playing, like SBTV wins.

There are also two tournament modes: Limited Players and Limited Time. These tournaments cost some (unknown) amount of swagbucks to enter, but could pay off with some greater (unknown) swagbucks win if you are the tourney leader.

I have no more information for you than that UGH I wish I was in the beta :P I wonder if there's supposed to be a confidentiality clause? All those photos above were taken off Facebook, if there's a clause, it's done been broken!

I'm really curious how the tournaments work though...   

The second item of interest from yesterdays blog is a great holiday swagstakes bonus!

As a special treat for the holidays, Swag Bucks has several items listed as Two for One Bonus Swagstakes.

5 DVD bundles, One "EZ Grill" Portable Charcoal Grill, and a double set of WOWee One Power Portable Bass Speakers. Mmm, the grill seems kind of Random, I'm thinking they have overstock :P The Shrek and Nickelodeon bundles have 6 DVDs! Now, being a literal yet off the path kind of thinker, when the blog said you can "pick a friend to get the second set", my first thought was "do they mean you pick another swaggernaut to win the prize also?" That would be kind of cool, but so would just getting both yourself and either gifting others or selling the second set on eBay or Amazon. I'm probably overthinking the statement though. *chuckle* I do that sometimes.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Thanksgiving off and focus on my family. I'll post some highlights for the new swaggernauts to chew on, & come back Friday with a spotlight on the new SBTV features. By then the kinks should be pretty well worked out :-p

If anyone reading this is not yet a member of Swagbucks, but wants to get on the swagtrain and start earning the free loot, there's no time like the present! Just go to the swidget , up top on the right there, press the Sign Up button on the bottom right. Fill out a short form, confirm your email, and get 30 swagbucks to get you rolling! Then come back here and click the Beginner Tips tab at the top of the blog. That should give you some quick pointers on how to get started!

 I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll see you back here Friday! Until then..


23 November 2010

Holiday Bonus Bucks & CheckPoint!

Good Afternoon, Swag Friends!

Check out the redesign. What do you think? I put a couple of tabs up top, have a few more in the works to help new swaggernauts navigate to what they need most to get started raking in the swag!  Let me know in comments if you don't like it, and why - bad color scheme? background is distracting? Let me know what you think.

Yesterday was a fairly good Swag Day! It definitely had a festive feel to it. I got 4 search wins, and around 11:00 -12 EST a lot of people were hitting a 4th win. I got 3 SBTV wins, usually only get 2 but I don't try as many times as I used to. The Swag Guy gave us two codes, a nice Monday treat. Payment Wall credited the second of 2 offers I had in inquiry. Still waiting on the first, but I'm glad the one for 576 credited!

I decided to surf over to the special offers page to find some videos or try a survey, when I saw this : Happy Holiday News!

Oh, SWEET! Well, Sweet if the offers credit, of course *cough mumble cough*. Dangit, they roped me back into doing special offers!

I noticed something else that's changed, and I quite like it!

Payment Wall has Moved! It's not down on the tabs with the rest of the offers. The layout is neater, in my opinion. The only feature I see missing is the Search box, but that never worked right anyway. I like it, it's cleaner and once that Thanksgiving bonus banner goes away, will eliminate the need to scroll down to get to the other offer walls.

I didn't see anything on Payment Wall that I hadn't already tried or wanted to do though, so I did a couple on SuperRewards. I meant to screenshot these but after taking a pic of the offer requirements, I forgot to take more. *shrug* My Bad :-p

One was for 14, sign up with HauteLook, it credited in about 20 minutes. the other, for 35, "What If You Could Win A Trip To New York City?" did not credit, still has not. I've read others on the Swagbucks Facebook page complaining of the same, though one person last night managed to get credited. We'll see. I'm still happy I entered the contest. I'd love to take my husband to New York City, it's the one place he'd choose to go. Plus I'd like to visit Times Square Church :)

I hadn't really done anything on Gambit since the Special Offers Breakdown, was too annoyed with them to try. I decided to give it a look see. I noticed the offer I fought them over was removed from the Free wall. I guess the advertiser decided it really wasn't free after all, submitting your email was Not the only requirement to get swagbucks. After all, Gambit said in the end, it was up to the advertiser if the offer got moved! Lovely.

Oh, you know what? More likely it's just gone because they credited me. Some walls the offer stays on your list when they customer service credit, some it gets removed. That's probably more likely. I bet it has nothing to do with anyone wanting to do the right thing :-p

Right away I also noticed the other offer I mentioned in that same post was still there, for 41 sb. Further down the list was yet another of the same type of offer, for 20. Both requiring you simply to submit your email for payout, or so say the requirements.

I decided, "What the Heck? I've got nothing to lose." I'd do the two offers but ONLY up to the stated requirements- why go further? I'd already proven there was No way to complete the offers for free.

In this offer you are supposed to pick Yes or No from a short survey of questions about Facebook features, then submit your email. You never receive a confirmation but the requirements do not say one is needed.

The nail in the coffin for me is the next screen. If it looks like what I think it will look like, I know I won't get credit and will have to go to inquiry battle.

Doh! Dang! Darnit. Does this look familiar?  It's the same screen you get from doing the MacBook offer. Right then I knew I wouldn't get credit. I didn't go any further, I already have enough screenshots of failure :-p

On to the next offer, because I knew it would be a short and sweet fail.

Pick : Pepsi or Coke? iPad or other fictional prizes? What's my email? Swing and a Miss! Same screen after submitting email. Oh well, now I have two more offers to inquiry YAY! I could just let it go, but it's the point of the thing here. This wall has several versions of the same offer that Never Pay and are Not Free. I'm wondering how many of these I will submit before they ban me. I'm not trying to get banned, I'm trying to get them to do the right thing, but there's a Good Chance that will be the result, in the end.

So, from Positive to Negative back to Positive, so we can end on an upbeat tempo!

SwagBucks has partnered up with CheckPoints, the nations #1 Lifestyle App for iPhone (and soon Android) phone users.

With this app you "check in" by scanning products with your phone. You earn CheckPoints that you can trade in for things like gift cards.

You receive 20 swagbucks for downloading the app, which credits in two weeks. Each month that you scan at least one product, you get 6 swagbucks. Use your swagbucks referral code and get 2 free pulls on their slot machine, and a bonus 300 CheckPoints to get you started. Apparently, that's enough to get your first free gift card through CheckPoint! Nifty! Makes me jealous, I want an Android! (Since, you know, it's coming "soon" lol)

Head to the Swagbucks Blog to read the entire post, and to click that link to Apple! Let me know how it works out for you!

That's it for today's SwagMelt. Keep an eye on the tab bar at the top. There will be FAQ's coming, and the temp drafts will be fleshed out with screenshots and clearer instructions. Homework, every night!

If anyone reading this is not yet a member of Swagbucks, but wants to get on the swagtrain and start earning the free loot, there's no time like the present! Just go to the swidget , up top on the right there, press the Sign Up button on the bottom right. Fill out a short form, confirm your email, and get 30 swagbucks to get you rolling! Then come back here and click the Beginner Tips tab at the top of SwagMelt. Skim through it and get to searching! I promise, once your first prize or gift card comes in, you will be hooked! 

Until Tomorrow...


22 November 2010

Bad Juju Offers & Quick Questions

Good Monday Afternoon To Ya, Swaggernauts!

I don't have too much on the agenda for today's post. A couple of questions, and some warnings, but no screenshots. *chuckle*

First the warnings. There are a couple of tempting offers on the special offer walls right now, for PageRage and Facemoods. One promises to spice up your profile (and has recently been approved and promoted by Facebook which would seem to lend it legitimacy), and the other promises to spice up your chat and messages with awesome emoticons.

They are tempting but- DON'T DO THEM!

PageRage will JACK UP your Facebook. You get large ads placed on your sidebars and in the middle of your walls. Some of these ads have sounds which you can not turn off. They constantly reload your page whether you are on that tab or not, they make your mouse flickery and unstable, and cause all sorts of other annoying, interfering havoc. The instability issues eventually creep into your browser (and I feel Very sorry for Internet Explorer users with this one) and cause errors and disruptions when using other sites. (I can NOT blog and have Facebook open right now.) The profiles look nice but it is NOT worth it.

Uninstalling this one can be tricky. Some people have no problem, but I have several layers of issues. First of all, the Yontoo Layers client didn't show up in my programs list. Had to track it down via Windows Explorer. Secondly, I can not uninstall it from the Control Panel or from Piriform's CCleaner because, get this, the INSTALL.LOG file is corrupted. I wrote to technical support and they gave me this long, convoluted list of procedures that had a 50/50 chance of working. I've decided on a system restore, but I can't do that until I have resolved an open inquiry with TapJoy. (Which may never be resolved as they STILL haven't responded to me.)

Just stay away from it, it is NOT worth the risk. I knew the risks heading in, I was only half motivated by the swagbucks. I also wanted to see how it worked and let you guys know. Well, I'm letting you know- STAY AWAY!  BAD JUJU!

As for Facemoods, I basically had the same motivations with the added twist of Wild Hair. I wanted to see these emoticons in action and decided to take the risk lol. It's not nearly as bad as PageRage, but it CAN post spam if you don't watch it carefully. It DOES wig out your Facebook posts: It can get "hung" loading the facemoods stuff so when you go to press Share or Comment, nothing happens. It causes Facebook to freeze up. So, More Bad Juju.

Now on to the questions.

A lot of people have suddenly noticed "partner bucks" in their account that they did not earn themselves. Often for partners they have no interest in. Apparently, you can now earn partner bucks from your referrals as well. I don't know if this was always the case. I have never gotten partner bucks from one of my referrals. I do know I've never seen this question until yesterday, and I saw it Several times.

If any of you have the answer to this, please let me know so I can repost it. Do those partner bucks count towards your overall 1000? That would be a Bummer, especially if they are from sites that do not interest you.

There are a lot of new swaggernauts every day that need to know how to take a screenshot. One of these days soon I will do a detailed, screenshot filled blog about it, but for today, I just want to share a few links. There's so many operating systems, so many levels of experience, I want to do a detailed report if I'm going to say anything at all :P

How To Take A Screenshot In Microsoft Windows

How To Use Windows 7 Snipping Tools

eHow - How To Take A Screenshot

Another swaggernaut asked me to do a post on how to successfully complete a special offer so it credits. The problem is there are too many offer walls, with too many types of offers, to be able to do such a post and be able to promise it will work. I did a whole series of special offer wall posts, and I still wasn't able to answer that question. I'm sorry, I have failed you :(  But not for lack of trying! LOL

That's it for today. I didn't get to prep anything last night, had family time with my husband this morning, and now the boy is about to wake, ready for lunch and outside time! Besides, after two days in a row of such good news posts, I thought I would bask in the glow for a day. :D

If anyone reading this is not yet a member of Swagbucks, but wants to get on the swagtrain and start earning the free loot, there's no time like the present! Just go to the swidget , up top on the right there, press the Sign Up button on the bottom right. Fill out a short form, confirm your email, and get 30 swagbucks to get you rolling! Then come back here and start with October's second blog post, "Beginner Tips for Swagsurfing!", for tips on how to get started!

Until tomorrow Swag Friends,


21 November 2010

New Features! Daily Deals, Coupons, Book Swap!

Good Afternoon Swaggernauts!

How's your Saturday goin? Mine's been pretty Mega so far! My first and second wins were for 12! I got 34 swagbucks for videos from Gambit, TrialPay, and gWallet. Tried for and got 1 SBTV win so far. Yesterday, I won Quads, meaning I got four search wins, 3 of which were for 10.

So much more Mega than Friday's Mega Swag Bucks Day. I wonder if something happened that nerfed the win algorithm on Friday, and they've tweaked it this weekend to compensate. Or, maybe this is a tweaked win pattern to celebrate Thanksgiving week. Or to keep the air of excitement flowing until they let people in to the closed beta for Games? The world may never know! But I'm pleased with it *wink*

Speaking of being pleased, I gotta say that I Love two out of three of the new features I'm going to talk about today, Coupons and Book Swap trade in. The third, Daily Deals, is kind of a "Meh", rating. Nothing wrong with it, just not really new or interesting.

All three of the new features can be found on the Swag Bucks home page or from the Earn button on the toolbar at the top of any swagbucks page. 

You can also find Coupons and Trade In from your browser toolbar but Daily Deals is not there yet. I'm sure they will add it soon.

I highlighted The Swidget there because it's a quick way to get code to post your swidget- but it's not, as I'd hoped, a quick access to the swidget to check it for Swag Codes. Ah well!

Let's start with Daily Deals. I like to eat my least favorite part of a meal first :P

There's nothing wrong with Daily Deals. As I said up top, it's just not new or terribly interesting. It's just TrialPay's listing of Daily Deals in a slightly different format. It's a way to access them without having to go to the special offers page. It does give you more options than you get from TrialPay's "Local Deals" tab, but it's basically just a filter that leaves only TrialPay's Groupon, Mertado, and Living Social deals.

So I guess I give this one a "Meh" rating.

Hey, on the bright side, TrialPay has been one of the few offer walls that credits consistently without a battle, for me anyway. So, that's a good thing!

The other half of the Two New Ways To Save & Earn addition is Coupons.

There's the coupons tab, and a recipes tab. You can browse & print recipes and get ideas for which coupons to print!

On the coupons page, there is a left sidebar with a variety of filter options such as by Zip Code, by Category, or by Brand.

The first thing I looked for was a Whisk coupon. I got one in the mail along with a free sample, $1.00 off with no size restrictions. I thought if I could get another one of those, and if it also had no size restrictions, I could go to WalMart and either get some travel sizes if they have any, or get two of the smallest size they Do have. That makes the $1.00 off stretch farther.

I found what I was looking for. Seems to be the same as the coupon I got in the mail. Just check the CLIP button, and keep searching!

At this point I decided to browse the Publix weekly ad for Buy One Get One Free offers I could match with coupons for bigger savings this payday.

The first time you visit it asks you for your zip code to find stores and deals in your area.

 I chose the Buy One Get One Free filter and found this goodie:

Sounded good, I wonder if I can find a coupon on swagbucks?

Save 50 cents of any one Betty Crocker box muffin mix or Fiber One box muffin mix. The BOGO above is a box of the Premium muffin mix. I'm sure that counts! Between the BOGO and the coupon, instead of paying $5.18 for two, I will only pay $2.09 :D  I like that. Basically a buck a box.

I wrapped up this coupon clipping trip with another Publix deal.

Ziploc containers, 2 for $5.00. I knew I'd seen a coupon for Ziploc containers somewhere over there...

Sweet! Save $1.50 on any Two Ziploc containers. That will bring the price for two down to $3.50! Ok, I need more of those... why do the lids always disappear??

At the top left under the tabs you will see Coupon Carrier. That's like your printing cart. I have 3 coupons here for a total savings of $3.00. When I redeem them, (and the swagbucks credit,) that will be 30 swagbucks earned for $3.00 saved. PRETTY NEAT!!

Just press the Print Coupons button on the right. The first time you print, you will have to install a coupon printer. It's a quick install with no viruses or adware.

Once it's installed, you don't have to go through that step again. You will, however, be presented with a special offer. You DO NOT have to do this offer. You can skip it.

Once you've passed this step, your coupons are sent to the printer. I don't know how yours will work, different printers different software etc. For me, my print preview opens and I get to select the layout.

The coupon tells the vendor not to accept the coupon without a dot scan bar code beneath the expiration date, and to verify the coupon through veri-fi.com. In the bottom right, beside the other bar codes, are any consumer instructions. This one says no other coupon may be used with this coupon. The item is on BOGO though, so no worries!

I really, Really REALLY like the idea of saving money AND earning swagbucks. I know a lot of swaggernauts out there already clip coupons. Some have turned it into a fine art! I'm betting you folks will be just as excited about this as I am.

There is a limit to the number of coupons you can print each month. I asked on the Swagbucks Facebook page when I read one lady saying she'd already hit her limit on the first day, but I didn't receive a reply. I don't know what the limit is, my apologies.

I definately give this new feature...

Two Thumbs Up!

 There's one last new feature I want to cover today, then I'm outta here!

On Thursday, Nov 18th, The Swag Gal let us in on yet another way to earn swagbucks.

Now you can look around your house for old books, search for them using Swagbucks Book Swap, and if your books are listed / accepted, find out what your swagbucks payment will be for each book, depending on it's condition and printing version. When you are done selecting books to trade in, you are able to print a FedEx shipping label. Pack the books securely, put the label on the box, and drop it at your local FedEx center.

Just choose Trade In from the homepage or toolbar, then pick Books.

You'll be taken to the search screen, where you can enter single or multiple IBDNs, title, author, or keyword inquiries.

I looked up the first book that came to mind, one I got from my sister-in-laws garage sale items that didn't sell. Natan Sharansky's Fear No Evil. I'm reading it right now but we've got so many books without bookshelf space, we Need to get rid of some of them. First I searched by author name, Sharansky.

The first thing I noticed was the title of my book was available to sell. Then I noticed there were three pages of results for the author. Then I noticed only one book on the list seemed to be acceptable for sale. I decided I needed to check the ISBN, as the cover didn't look the same. So I searched by ISBN, but lo and behold, they were not buying my version of the book.

However let's go back and look up at that one it DID find.

There is a drop down menu that lists version choices. U.S. Edition, International, Annotated, and Instructors Editions. Each one comes with a different Swag Selling Price. Had this been the right version, and a U.S. Edition, I would have made 80 swagbucks on it.

There is a little question mark bubble next to the dropdown which explains how to determine what version you are trying to sell.

I haven't looked for any more books yet, but I will be very soon. I definately give this feature an EASY

Easy swagbucks, Free shipping, house decluttering! What's NOT to love? 

That wraps it up for today. Leave me some feedback, tell me what YOU think of these new features!

If anyone reading this is not yet a member of Swagbucks, but wants to get on the swagtrain and start earning the free loot, there's no time like the present! Just go to the swidget , up top on the right there, press the Sign Up button on the bottom right. Fill out a short form, confirm your email, and get 30 swagbucks to get you rolling! Then come back here and start with October's second blog post, "Beginner Tips for Swagsurfing!", for tips on how to get started! 

Not sure yet what tomorrow's SwagMelt will be about but I'm sure I can dig up something good for you! Until then, Swag Friends,