19 December 2010

One Swaggers Frustration is All Our Frustration!

Good Morning Swaggernauts! 

Now now, put down those rotten tomatoes and heads of raunchy lettuce please! I know I have been away a while. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I STILL LOVE SWAGBUCKS AND SWAGMELT lol! However, I get in these.. ruts. best way to describe them. Being Bipolar and ADHD means that sometimes I pull back and take a break from things that I don't have to clock in for *laugh*. I know, it's not terribly funny, but if I'm laughing at myself you can laugh at me too :P

I have to get back in the swing here! To start, today is going to be a very very short post. I had a really good question from Faithful Swaggernaut Lorraine. So for this morning, I'm going to answer it, and today do some real homework again so I can get a Good, Thick post to you tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with me, this week off I've done a lot of Thinking about the blog. I can't do special offer posts every day, but I *DO* so love to answer questions. I also have ideas for HOW to do the redesign of the site, I'm excited about them, now the problem is sitting on my lazy butt to do them :P

So for now, on to the question, and a real SwagMelt post is in the works for the morning!

I can tell you truly LOVE Swagbucks, and I can say that I'm happy I found them and have already received Amazon cards and a couple Pay Pal ones, and I just started in November. But I have had very iffy results when I don't get credited for surveys or special offers. I know I've complained about this before, sorry to sound repetitive. I find that sometimes this is taken care of after a lot of effort on my part, and sometimes not. Currently I applied for a credit card under Paymentwall and I am owed over 1800 SB's that I have not received. Now I know I was approved for the card, got the email from them letting me know, but Paymentwall just keeps asking for the email, then tells me I didn't put a code in they asked (which I did) and now have just left me hanging. If I don't get these points, I don't know how I'm going to feel about Swagbucks anymore. It's one thing not to get 26 SB's for a survey a few times, which bugs me anyway, but to not credit over 1800? How does one get over that?--Lorraine 

I tell you what, special offers is the Only thing about SwagBucks that I don't love- and sometimes HATE *chuckle*

The thing that keeps me from getting mad at SwagBucks about it is that I have done these same offers from the same companies on other search & reward / get paid to sites. They have the same track record everywhere you go. The difference is in how SwagBucks responds to our needs, and how reliable they are with their payouts.

In this case, I would take all the information you submitted to PaymentWall, and go to the Contact SwagBucks link on the homepage to submit a ticket to SwagBucks. Choose Special Offer from the drop down menu, fill in the company name (PaymentWall) and the offer name, and get the ticket ID for your inquiry. Tell them when you did the offer, what proofs you have submitted, submit those same proofs to SwagBucks. Give them every detail you think matters to the case. It may take a little bit but SwagBucks has Always had my back. PaymentWall had me chasing my tail over 576 sbs for almost a month a little while back. The moment I got in touch with SwagBucks, they paid up. I submitted one request to SwagBucks covering 5 offers from TapJoy spanning over a months time. It took a couple of weeks, but out of the blue all five of the offers credited, with emails from SwagBucks and TapJoy both apologizing.

This is why no matter how bad the offers may Suck, how shoddy the offer companies treat you, I don't get mad at SwagBucks about it. They don't place the offers or list the advertisers. They do however do their part to make the companies pay up when payment is due. And unlike other similar sites that shall for now remain nameless *laugh* you get your Amazon cards, etc, in a couple of weeks, versus a couple of months. (41 days and counting waiting for a $5 AGC from the Zoo.... LOL)

<3 Thanks for asking Lorraine, I hope this helps a bit! 

Until Tomorrow Swagfriends...