23 October 2010


Good Morning Swaggernauts!

*STRETCH!*  How did you guys do with Mega Swagbucks Day?  I earned my usual.. 3 wins for 11. That's not terribly mega, but I still look forward to fridays. I saw a LOT of people winning 50, 51, 29, etc. Some day it will be MY turn! *GRIN*

Let's see, what to blog about today. How about surveys? (WoOT! I posted a survey tips blog today, then went and finished a survey for 50 swagbucks! NICE!)

Before we start, if you haven't signed up for Swag Bucks yet, time's a-wastin! In the past 5 days of blogging I have earned over 1600 swagbucks. That's $15 in amazon.com gift cards with swagbucks to spare towards another $5 card! (remember  - 2200 swagbucks = five $5 AGC!) Today I have two free trial special offers in mind that will net me a cool 714 more swagbucks. Check out my previous blogs to learn more about those special offers! 

To sign up, just go to the top of this blog page and find the black & white swidget in the right sidebar. Click the SIGN UP button on the bottom right of  the swidget, fill out a short form, confirm your email, and earn an instant 30 swagbucks to get you started!

OK! On to Surveys!

Once you have been a swaggernaut for 7 days, your TRUSTED SURVEYS will open up for you. There is also another link on the trusted surveys page, PROFILES. These profiles are mini surveys that you don't have to qualify for, and they pay a small amount of swagbucks for each one. The point of the profiles is to fine tune the surveys that you are offered.

Before I filled out my profiles, I got more surveys on my dashboard. However, I qualified for almost none of them. It was pretty frustrating.

Now that I have filled out all my profiles (and earned a tidy little swag bucks profit from them) I see a lot less surveys. But I qualify for more when they DO come.

Surveys can be a blessing and a curse. Even with my profiles done, I do still disqualify a fair amount of the time. However, the most common reason is because I'm a white female of a certain age living in Florida. This isn't racism or any kind of discrimination. It's simply that there are a lot of white females of a certain age in Florida who do surveys- so the quotas for my group fill up pretty quick.

I seem to be averaging 2-3 surveys completed and credited a month. They usually are 50, 100, or 150 swagbucks each. Sometimes they are as much as 200, rarely they are for something like an ipad sweepstakes entry. That one made me laugh, but it was for a nonprofit so I guess that was far more cost effective for them than offering virtual currency. So I couldn't be mad :P

There are some frustrating qualities to surveys. Generally you have to fill out what feels like 2 surveys. One to qualify, and one actual survey. If you have ever done surveys on any of the other tons of survey / points sites, then you know the routine.

The drawback to swagbucks surveys is if you do not qualify, that's it. Even if the survey company offers you a link to try another survey, you won't get credit for that second one if you do complete it. There's another site that doesn't work like that, and down the road I will be telling you about the other sites that I personally use, but for now, I want to focus on the best rewards site I've used.. Swag Bucks! :-P

There aren't too many tips I can give you to successfully complete a survey. Don't go through the answers too fast. If you have an inkling what the survey might be for, there's no rule against opening another tab and swagsearching it, however the companies Are looking for honest answers. They need the data for a reason, and lying all the way through isn't gonna help them. However, I have been known to guess and tweak my answers to try to complete the survey lol.

These surveys tend to be pretty long. The time estimates given at the beginning are about spot on. I might get them done faster but my attention is split between the survey and my kids.

There's one survey group that gets me happy when I see the logo- PSB Marketing. or Group. Something. PSB Something lol. Every time I get a survey from them, I qualify, complete, credit no problem. Sometimes the surveys will have errors after you have filled out most of it, and that can really tick a person off. That never happens with PSB, and GlobalTestMarket seems to be pretty good too.

My favorite surveys to disqualify for are the ones that ask me one question then boot me. I mean, really, if I am not gonna make it, let me know right away instead of waiting til I have filled out 10 minutes of qualification information, right? 

Let's see, that's about all I can think of right now about surveys. I recommend filling out the profiles. It may make your  survey dahsboard seem like a ghost town most of the time, but it does save you a lot of frustration not qualifying for anything. Also, getting 5 or 10 swagbucks for each one adds up nicely!

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, and I Really hope you rake in a TON of Swag Bucks!

Happy Swagsurfin!


  1. Hi there--I have been on Swagbucks for I think a little over a month and I have only qualified for a few surveys. My main issue now is that I feel like my search wins are down, and even when I play games or watch SBTV, it seems like I'm getting less bucks. Do the SB's go down after you've been signed up after a month? I'm really wondering about this. Good going on all the stuff you've gotten, btw!--Lorraine Robins

  2. SwagBucks is an high paying get-paid-to site.


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