22 October 2010


Good Morning Swaggernauts! Today is MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY!   What does that mean? It means that until 12am pacific, your chances of earning higher denomination swagbucks is increased significantly. Already this morning I have seen several people posting wins in the 20s, and 2 in the last 5 minutes posted a win of 51 !!  The rules for searching remain the same, but the rewards are bigger!

This also applies to the new Swagbucks TV. Normal wins are between 1-5, but my first win this morning was a 6.

This mornings win brought my total up to 2710. That's enough "in the bank" to go ahead and order my monthly limit of five $5 Amazon gift cards as soon as the month rolls over to November, and still have 460 left over for more prizes, or for the next months orders.

There are monthly limits on prize redemptions. You can only order 2 of any type of prize in a day, and you can only order 5 of any one prize in a month. So, November 1st and 2nd I will order 2 $5 AGC each day. On the third, I will order 1 to round out my monthly five. After that, I can either choose to save for the next month, or I can order other prizes.

At the beginning of October I ordered five $5 AGC, and by the 11th I had ordered 4 $5 PayPal deposits. The PayPal deposits are more expansive, as they translate to real cash.  A $5 AGC is 450 swagbucks, a $5 PayPal is 700. So I spent a total of 5050 swagbucks (plus some swagstakes entries and virtual swag.)

A lot of swaggernauts primarily order the AGCs. Its the best value for the swagbuck. But what do you do when you order your 5 for the month, and want more Amazon cards? Well, theres also a $25 and a $50 card. The best Value is to save up for the $50. A couple of months ago I had enough "in the bank" to order the five $5s and a $50! And was still able to order my limit of the five $5's early in the next month.

However, I fell so in love with my netflix trail, I decided to split my winnings every month between Amazon and PayPal.  Ah but see I have $30 in PayPal waiting to pay for the next three months of netflix! OO What to do, what to do? These are problems I enjoy having to solve!

I am going to buy my five $5 AGC and see what else I've built up by then. I still have 9 days of swagsurfin to rack up as much as I can. I'll let you know what I have, and what I decide to do with it in November!

If reading all this gets you as excited as it gets me (seriously, I JONES FOR FREE STUFF!) and you haven't signed up yet, TODAY is a Great day to start! You will get 30 swagbucks just for signing on, and you can start raking in the swag with Mega Wins from searches and swagbucks tv!

Just look to the right, at the top of this blog. The swidget is that black & white box up there. Just click on the SIGN UP button at the bottom right of the swidget. It will take you to a quick and easy sign up form. Just a couple moments, an email confirmation, and you are on your way!

One of my facebook friends who joined in July made about 450 the first couple of weeks. Then he slacked off, forgot about it. My posts got him excited again, and he started just a week ago to try earning. In that week, he has earned more than 1200 more swagbucks, and gotten an Ultimate Gaming Card for 1100, with half of another cards worth of swagbucks "in the bank".

Let me be UPFRONT here. This kind of swagbucks is EASY to earn, but if you just stick to searching and swagbucks tv, it WILL be slower. The bright side? There are TONS of FREE no obligation free trials and fully free special offers. That's the key to bringing in such big swagbucks so fast.

Don't hesitate! As a housebound mommy with no income and a really REALLY tight budget, I am NOT exxaggerating when I say swagbucks has been a God send for my household. Whatever your faith, getting free stuff will be a boon to your life. Take my friend with the Ultimate Game Card. Those cards are virtual currency in literally hundreds of online games. Super cool, and if I had time to game like I used to I would SO buy it.

Best of luck, and as always, HAPPY SWAGSURFIN!

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