02 November 2010

Daily Four Breakdown, Swagbucks Facebook Guide

Good Morning Swaggernauts! 

I see we all made it through Monday. Good on us! *Pats herself on the back and encourages you to do the same*

Yesterdays post was geared mainly towards new Swaggernauts placing their first ever prize orders. Today's SwagMelt is going to be geared towards beginners again. I'm getting a lot of questions about basic stuff, and a LOT of questions about how to translate what new Swaggers are seeing on the Swagbucks Facebook page.

Let's start with the most basic, easiest way to get swagbucks aside from searching. I call it The Daily Four. Every day you can get four swagbucks for doing four very simple things. Takes me under a minute, and those 4 daily bucks add up to 120 super easy swagbucks a month!

All you have to do to get the first swagbuck is have the Swag Bucks Toolbar installed. Each day when you start your browser for the first time, you will get a pop up that looks like this.

That is the "Toolbar Buck". The other three you can find either in the Earn tab of the home page -

Or you can find them in the toolbar itself, also in the Earn tab.

I tend to do them in the same order every day, though the order is Not important. I do NOSO first, because it can vary from 1-5 offers to "click through" so is technically "the longest" part of the Daily Four.

Click "Start Earning" to go through the "offer path". Most of the time there's only 1 offer to skip through, but today there were 5 or 6. You DO NOT have to sign up for, or fill out information for, ANY of these offers to get your swagbuck. Just Skip! Skip! Skip! to the end. Usually an offer will have a SKIP button, like this one.

Sometimes they have a Yes or No radial button like this one. Just press NO and it will automatically skip to the next offer.

When you get through all the offers, you will be routed to the Special Offers page, and a pop up will show you your NOSO Swagbuck.

After hitting the NOSO, I go to the Daily Polls.

Vote once every day for your free swagbuck. There are previous polls on the page that you can vote in, but you won't get a swagbuck for them, only for Today's current poll, and only once per day.

After you close the pop up, today's poll results will display.

After I've done my Daily Poll vote, I go to Trusted Surveys. I go there last because if I have a survey available, I want to try for it right then. I don't want to forget to finish my Daily Four run or lose my chance at doing the survey.

As you see, this morning I had a survey waiting for me. I didn't qualify- my "demographic" is large and overfilled quote often. White mid 30s female with 3 kids living in Florida. Strike, Strike, Strike, Extra Bonus Strike! ROFL!

That, in the nutshell, is the Daily Four. It takes less than a minute to go through all of them, even if the NOSO page has more than 1 offer. Remember to do them daily! They really do add up!


A lot of new Swaggers have been posting questions about how to read the Swagbucks Facebook page. There are some quirky terms and habits we have that tend to confuse newcomers at first. I'm going to cover just a few of those today.

First off let me tell ya, the board has moods. There are at least 3 distinct "shifts" on the forum, with different folks posting a lot. In the morning things tend to be slower, quieter, more business like. In the afternoon things loosen up a little, we see more joking around. By night time, the wall has loosened up a lot, theres a lot of random nonsense just to make ourselves laugh. It's more tolerated at night. Starting by afternoon we also see more wieners. (Yes, I said it!) People that come on and spam just to drive us nuts. People that come on and try to start fights. This happens in ANY online community.At ANY time of day. How the different shifts of swaggers respond to this is the interesting part.

For your part, new Swagfriend, you need to know what is considered spamming, against the rules, so you don't get jumped by someone a little overzealous about the rules. Most people will inform you if you have done wrong, but just like anywhere online, some people will seriously jump on your back and bite. I ask in advance that if you see that happening, you forgive the poster and move on.

So, what is spamming the wall? Well, you aren't supposed to post outside links on the wall. No invites to Lockerz, or trying to get people to click a link for a contest you are having. In the first case, links to other search & reward sites- there isn't really a work around. Swaggernauts are extremely loyal, and while most of us Do use other sites as well, none of them feel like home, or really compare, to Swagbucks. I would advise you to try to get referrals for those sites elsewhere.

Whatever you post, don't post it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over

See how annoying that is? That's definately going to get you flagged, blocked, reported.

In the case of contests you are in, or other links you find interesting, there Is a work around. You can post a thread in the discussions tab, then tell folks on the wall to visit your thread. Or you can paste a link to the discussion thread into your wall post, but make sure you mention it is in the discussion thread. When you make that thread, there is a disclaimer you MUST use at the beginning of the post. That disclaimer reads like this -

This solicitation is in no way associated with, endorsed by or run in conjunction with TSG, Swagbucks.com or any of its partners. Neither TSG, Swagbucks.com or any of its partners make any guarantees as to the legitimacy of this promotion or its results. Always exercise caution when sharing any sensitive, personal information.

You MUST post this or your thread may be deleted. Then you will be able to post your contest link, or what have you, and get in no trouble at all. 

(Of course, there IS an easier way for posting your contests! PM your contest & giveaway details to me on facebook, or email JennySweets on Swagbucks. I will place it on the SwagBooth and post on the wall to remind people to vote. I also post at least 2 SwagBooth status messages on my Facebook profile each day.) 

Another MAJOR NO NO is posting the swag codes on the wall. You can't post the codes Anywhere. When you sign up with Swag Bucks this is part of the agreement you "sign". Not on Twitter, not in your blogs, not on yoru profile- No Where. It can get you immediately deactivated from Swag Bucks, and will Definately get you verbally mugged on the Swagbucks Facebook wall.

You can ask for hints, and you can post hints, but you can not tell where the code is either. You can say "Check your Swidget" or "Read the blog". If it is a code found by watching Swagbucks TV you can say something like "It's in Entertainment" or if it's a video for say, the Top Ten Weirdest Musicals, you could say something like "I didn't know Che Guevara could dance". The key is to give CLUES, not the GPS coordinates :P

Watch the language on the boards. While most swaggers are adults, there are kids as young as 13 on there. Even adults don't like to see obscenity and nastiness all the time, so just act like you would in front of your mother- assuming you respect your mother :P At night the rules get a little looser as far as sense of humor, but still, there are limits. 

Lastly I'm going to address a couple of "Initialisms" of acronyms that we use a lot. You may see AGC and wonder, WTHeck? AGC means Amazon Gift Card.  TSG means The Swag Guy (or Gal).  Tons of "Thanks, TSG" being posted on the board means there is a code out that is still good, time to go on a hunt! 

I hope todays post was helpful to you! Remember, if you have any questions just PM me on Facebook, or email JennySweets on SwagBucks. I will always answer!

If anyone reading this is not yet a member of Swagbucks, but want to get on the swagtrain and start earning the free loot, there's no time like the present! Just go to the swidget, up top on the right there, press the Sign Up button on the bottom right. Fill out a short form, confirm your email, and get 30 swagbucks to get you rolling! Then come back here and start with my second blog post, "Beginner Tips for Swagsurfing!", for tips on how to get started! 

As always, my new Swagfriends - 


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