31 October 2010

Swag Offers That Fail, Swagstakes That Rock, Share & Share Alike!

Good Morning My Swagfriends! :-D

I'm late getting started on the blog today, but since this is a no-schedule kind of deal I guess I can forgive myself :P My nearly 2 year old is adjusting to life with the blog, but I had to give him a morning romp today. He just looked so sad looking at the laptop! I had to give in. The routine has been to blog before play or dishes *chuckle* With my personality type I have to dive in and get stuff done A.S.A.P. or risk not doing it at all, but I think getting off the routine for ONE day won't nerf me!

So in the spirit of "do it ya lazy bum!" , let me get to blogging!

First things First! If you haven't already signed up for a Swag Bucks account, there's no time like the present! Just go to the swidget on the right there, press the Sign Up button on the bottom right. Fill out a short form, confirm your email, and get 30 swagbucks to get you rolling! Then come back here and start with my second blog post, "Beginner Tips for Swagsurfing!", for tips on how to get started!

It's the last day of the month! Time for the final push! The next three days, the 1st - 3rd of every month, will be an ordering-palooza on SwagBucks. With a daily limit of 2 prize orders a day, and 5 of any one kind of prize in a month, most folks spend the first three days ordering Amazon.com cards. The Swagbucks Facebook wall will be covered with posts about what people have ordered. 10-14 days later it will start being covered again by the orders that are being shipped to us.

A little later in the blog I will show you a swagstakes I entered last night. Only problem is, the 10 sb entry cost nerfed my swagtotal! I planned on having 4,500 showing on my swidget for you, to prove that you can with medium effort get at least 4,500 swagbucks a month. But my total is stuck at 4,499!

I went through all the offer walls this morning looking for quick & easy offers that might actually credit. Take a look at my gWallet inquiry screen...

5 outright Fails, 1 pending, probably gonna inquiry!
1: Frets of Fire set off a ton of ZoneAlarm adWare warnings. FAIL!

2: Whitesmoke Writer failed when I first started SwagBucks. I inquiried it, was told to try again. Got mad and didn't bother. Now, several months later, I figure "What the Heck" and try agian. Download, install...  FAIL! I know this is a fail without even trying to inquiry it because it says I have 0 days left on my free trial. So some system cookie knows that I already downloaded and installed it, and even though gWallet denied the inquiry before, so I never got my sb for it, I know if I inquiry it now, the answer will be that I didn't fulfill the requirements, or that I already completed this offer according to the ad company- Whitesmoke. Since I generally try to avoid things that I know are gonna TICK ME OFF, I am not even going to bother with an inquiry for this one. Since the first time I tried the offer was so long ago, I won't try to chase it down with SwagBucks either. But if you do try this one, and don't get credit, submit a ticket to the Contact Us link on the SwagBucks home page. Let's work within the system to improve it!

3: Helpful Tips to Improve Your Health was a simple Fail. It took me to an unrelated link, so I couldn't complete the offer. NICE!  Inquiry to report!

4: Groupon offer was to purchase something.. but the closest Groupon city is Tampa, an hour away. My husband and I *used* to go to Tampa every weekend! Every Single Weekend! *sigh cry!* I miss those days! Ever since the baby though, we have been no where, and will be going no where for a long time. So, no deals to buy. FAIL, but not gWallets fault at least!

5: Sirius Radio free trial- FAIL! Because it gave me an "Invalid Page" message instead of taking me to Sirius. gWallets fault, will be submitting an inquiry to report it.

6: UPromise for 81. There are other UPromise offers floating around that simply require you to register. (Actually they may be gone at the moment, but they come and go.) This one you had to register, and add a credit card or other type of card with UPromise. The point being to earn rewards points / cash that go into a college fund. Sounds great! So I registered my card, verified email, etc etc...   and nothing. No points yet. I am not going to submit an inquiry on this one until tomorrow though. It should have gone through within 15 minutes but sometimes with these kinds of offers, it's best to wait 24 hours.


The UPromise offer credited while I was posting the blog. HUZZAH!  Got get it swaggers!

I gave up on gWallet for today. Sure, I got 2 videos but one of those didn't credit either *laugh*

On to the other companies! After attempting about 5 more offers, including one with ZipRealty that really should have credited (register, confirm email, then do a search- done, done, DONE!) I give up. Maybe something will credit later. I know I will have at least one, probably 2 more search wins today, so that will push my total over 4,500 anyway!

One more quick offer fail alert *chuckle*  This screenshot is from the gambit wall. They have the most types of this offer, but all the walls have them and respond basically the same way. This one is listed under FREE. It says all you have to do is sumbit your email for credit.

It Lies.

My opinion is that this offer is an Epic EverFail!

These offers are always listed as free. They are always (on gambit anyway) worth 38. They always start with your email, then take you into the typical bogus "survey" to phish information from you, and give you tons of "free offers' to click through. Then, just when you think by now for sure you'd qualified based on the offer requirements, (submit an email), you hit the "You must complete 1000 paid offers to get your gift" screen. Ok, I exaggerate of course, it's usually like 2 silver, 2 gold, 2 platinum offers.

That hardly qualifies as free! These NEVER credit for me, the inquiries all say the same thing, that I didn't complete the offer according to the advertiser. Again and Again I have reported these in inquiry as not being free, could they please place them in the approriate section and modify the offer requirements to reflect reality. I never get any word about that, just a straight up denial.

My advice? Don't even bother unless you Like getting mad. (Some people do!)

I wonder how many other swaggernauts are working the final push, and hitting as may walls as I am? *Comfort, Smile!* 

I mentioned a swagstakes I entered last night. Found this one mentioned in the Swagbucks blog.

I want a real guitar, for me!! So I almost skipped right over this.. until I remembered my kids! My stepdaughter Loves guitars, she loves to play Hannah Montana, and has asked me to get her a guitar all her own. Someday, I said, Someday. Well, why not start with a ukelele? So I snagged it!

I only got one entry. I know your chances Suck with only one entry but I figure, if I am meant to win, one entry is enough. I have the same attitude about the lottery.. if I am meant to win, then the numbers I pick don't mean a thing! One Quick Pick Please! *laugh*

I appreciate the confirmation screen, I'd hate to accidentally spend swagbucks on something I didn't want!
After you confirm, it loads your account screen to the Swagstakes page. This shows you all the swagstakes you entered, how many entries you bought, how many swagbucks you spent on those entries, and who won, or how long the swagstakes has left before the winner is chosen. Pretty neat!

I will find out Monday at 10 am Pacific if the Schwartz is with me :P

Share & Share Alike, from the Swagbucks Blog!

You know about the Daily Polls right? Vote once a day for an easy 1 swagbuck. Well, you also get 100 swagbucks if you submit a poll idea, and it is used! Just submit your idea to pollideas@swagbucks.com and wait patiently with your fingers crossed :P Well, Swagbucks has beefed up the daily poll with another way to earn! The blog post is entitled Share & Share Alike.

The idea is this: Swagbucks has added a Share feature to the daily polls. You can share them on your Facebook page, and the post is embedded with YOUR referral link. If a friend clicks on the link, they can sign up under YOU, be YOUR referral, and get started right away earning swagbucks by voting in the poll. Another great referral tool! Just had to let you know about this one, I know we All want to get referrals, and there is still some question whether your Facebook connect posts actually have your referral code in them, or work properly. Well, let's give this one a try and see if it works as intended! Remember, if someone uses your link, but decides to surf the site to "get an idea what Swagbucks is", they need to go back and click your referral link again before they sign up. The moment they navigate away from the sign up page it loses you as their referral, & when they finally go back to the sign up page, they aren't listed under Anyone.

Allright swagfriends! That's it for this mornings post!

Remember to head over to the SwagBooth to do your voting, Comment there also so the entrants can track your votes for their giveaways, and if you have a contest open, or coming up, PM a link to me on Facebook, Write to me at JennySweets on Swagbucks, or drop a line in the comments section, with all of your contest details. Let's clean up the Swagbucks discussion wall, and give ourselves a MUCH easier tool for voting! 

Much love to you, and as always, 


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